About Majlis Ansarullah

Majlis Ansarullah Is An Auxiliary Organization Of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community For Men Of Age 40 And Over.

The Name “Ansarullah” Is An Arabic Expression Meaning “Helpers Of Allah.” It Is Taken From A Verse Of The Holy Qur’an, “And When Jesus Perceived Their Disbelief, He Said, ‘Who Will Be My Helpers In The Cause Of Allah?’ The Disciples Answered, ‘We Are The Helpers Of Allah. We Have Believed In Allah. And Bear Thou Witness That We Are Obedient”
Āle`Imrān Chapter 3, Verse 53

All Ahmadi Muslims Who Are Forty Years Of Age Or Over Comprise The General Body Of ‘Ansarullah.’ Majlis Ansarullah, Like The Main Body Of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – To Which It Is Subordinate – Is A Non-Political, Religious And Spiritual Organization.

The Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam Was Founded By Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (As) In 1889 Who Proclaimed To Be The Promised Messiah Of The Latter Days. Since Its Inception, The Community Has Strived Tirelessly To Present The True Interpretation Of Islam – The Message Of Peace; Uniting Communities With The Motto Of “Love For All Hatred For None”.

The Community Advocates Peace, Tolerance, Love And Understanding Among Followers Of Different Faiths.
The Community Has Its Humble Beginnings In Qadian, A Remote Village In India, And Today It Is Busy Serving Mankind In Over 200 Countries Of The World.