Majlis Ansarullah is an auxiliary organization of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for men age 40 and over.

Qa’id Maal

Abdul Basit
Abdul BasitQa'id Maal
  • Qa’id Maal shall organise the assessment of Annual Budget of all the Majalis and shall arrange collection of subscriptions according to this budget.

  • Qa’id Maal shall operate the accounts of the Majlis jointly with the Sadr or Nā’ib Sadr Awwal.

  • Qa’id Maal shall correspond with the Majalis on matters concerning his department.

  • Qa’id Mal shall present the names of members who are defaulters in the payment of subscriptions to the Sadr and take action according to his instructions.

    1. Qa’id Mal shall present, the Annual Budget of Majlis Ansarullah Country proposed by Majlis ‘Amila Country, for approval to Majlis Shura Ansarullah.
  • Qa’id Maal shall present the income and expenditure statement before Majlis ‘Amila Country every month.


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Syllabus 2020-21 Ansarullah

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